A Cost-Efficient Choice for Operating Your Business

Familiarize yourself with the general utility options and costs in Dawson County, including electricity, water, sewer and natural gas.


Nebraska’s electric rates for typical industrial customers are 26.5 percent less than the national average and are among the lowest of the 48 contiguous states. Nebraska is the only state in the nation with electric service provided entirely by public power.

All Dawson County cities own and operate their own electrical distribution systems and purchase power wholesale from Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD). To supply current and projected needs, NPPD has a mix of generating systems, including coal, nuclear, hydro, gas, oil, wind and diesel sources.


To maintain low water costs, Dawson County cities own and operate their own municipal water systems. Throughout the county, water quality is excellent and the quantity of water readily meets current and projected needs. Groundwater provides approximately 85 percent of Nebraska’s drinking water. Fortunately, Nebraska has excellent water resources and is best known for the Ogallala/High Plains Aquifer, which lies beneath much of the state.


Dawson County communities own and operate their own sanitary sewer systems.

Natural Gas

Natural gas in Nebraska is attractive to industries for service, supply and price. A gas-producing state, Nebraska is close and well-connected by pipelines to the major gas fields of the central and southern plains. Source Gas supplies natural gas to Dawson County. Capacity on this line is sufficient for any future planned expansion.