Accessibility Is Built Into Dawson County’s Infrastructure

The communities and industries of Dawson County are easily accessible by virtually any means of transportation, further supporting our continued growth. Our vast infrastructure is outlined below and current listings for business opportunities throughout Dawson County will provide a closer look at how businesses are finding success in our area.


Dawson County is served by a main line of the Union Pacific Railroad, which carries more than 200 freight trains daily. For more information, contact Cheryl Schow at (402) 233-3538 / (308) 289-1911 or visit Union Pacific Industrial Development.


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Dawson County has a total area of 1,019 square miles (2,639 km2), of which 1,013 square miles (2,623.7 km2) is land and six square miles (15.5 km2) (0.62%) is water. Dawson County is within a two-day trucking distance of 90 percent of the U.S.

Accessible Highways in Nebraska:

Interstate 80  (east-west)
U.S. Highway 30 (east-west)
U.S. Highway 283 (south)
Nebraska Highway 21 (south)
Nebraska Highway 23 (southeast)
Nebraska Highway 40 (northeast)
Nebraska Highway 47 (north)

Highway Mileage to Major Cities: Mileage to Major Cities
Destination Mileage
New York 1,476
San Francisco 1,437
Los Angeles 1,322
Detroit 965
Dallas 706
Chicago 700
St. Louis 624
Minneapolis 595
Kansas City 372
Denver 308
Omaha 235
Lincoln 182

Dawson County has three municipal airports. Services include 100 octane aircraft fuel and maintenance, as well as aerial spraying and a courtesy car for local use. Dawson County airports jointly sponsor a VHF Omnidirectional Range (VOR), which is located at the Cozad Municipal Airport. The average elevation at the airport is 2,500 feet.

Scheduled air service is available at the North Platte Regional Airport, 35 miles northwest of Dawson County, with two hard-surfaced and lighted runways that measure 4,436 feet and 8,000 feet. Nonstop air service is available to Denver International Airport. Other services include fuel and line service, instruction, charter service, repairs, weather on field, hangar and office rentals, meeting facility rental, restaurant, lounge, free vehicle parking, rental car and taxi. The elevation at the airport is 2,779 feet, the latitude is 41°07′ 57″N, and the longitude is 100°41’02″W.

The Kearney Municipal Airport, located 35 miles east of Dawson County provides passenger, air freight and air express services. Public ground transportation is available via rental cars, motel shuttles and taxi. The elevation at the airport is 2,131 feet, the latitude is 40°43’29″N, and the longitude is 99°00’19″W.