Advanced Manufacturing

Nearly a third of the workforce in Dawson County is involved in manufacturing. If it can be assembled, fabricated or processed, the Dawson County workforce has the skills to get it accomplished. Our Dawson County Manufacturing Coalition works together to keep this industry sector growing strong.

Nebraska Profit Opportunities for Manufacturers of Fabricated Metal Products
Nebraska Profit Opportunities for Manufacturers of Plastic Products


Situated along Interstate 80 and the 100th meridian, Dawson County is right in the center of it all. That’s like calling plays from the 50 yard line of the biggest field in the world. More than 80 percent of the U.S. is within a one day drive time.

The Central Nebraska Advantage

Value-Added Agriculture

Fortune 500 companies are taking advantage of being in the heart of the supply chain. Frito LayTyson Foods and Monsanto have operations in Dawson County because of the superior quality of the agricultural industry in central Nebraska.

Profit Opportunities for Food Processors in Nebraska