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"Each session taught me something new about the Dawson area and its communities. I look forward to utilizing the resources learned and networks made for the betterment of the Dawson area and my community."

Stephanie Novoa, (Dawson Area Development) Dawson Area Leadership class #16

Dawson Area Leadership is a two-year program that is designed to assist participants in developing leadership skills, expanding their network, and expanding their awareness of the social, economic, and political challenges facing the Dawson area. Dawson Area Development believes that each participant has the potential to become a leader and valuable decision-maker in the future.

- Develop leadership for the future of our community.
- Create awareness regarding the challenges for our area and assets that can be
leveraged to capitalize on opportunities.
- Foster community cooperation.
- Encourage interactive networking between individuals from different parts of the
Dawson Area.
- Promote community betterment.
- Implement leadership skills learned through committee work during year two.

We are currently seeking applicants for class #18 for the 2021-2022 program year. Individuals selected will participate in a welcome picnic, ten months of day sessions, class project, year two planning, and graduation (June 2023) that will educate them on resources and assets available in our area to leverage in the future, develop a close network of individuals across the Dawson area and develop leadership skills through speaker presentations, completing a class project and working in committees to organize day sessions throughout their second year.

Applicant must work or live in the Dawson Area including Dawson County, Eustis or Elwood.

Applicant must have support of their employer to apply to and fully participate in both year one and year two. Year one requirements include 100% participation in the welcome picnic, all 10 day sessions and class project. Year two requirements consist of serving on a couple day session planning committees that will coordinate all of the speakers, tours and sponsors. Committee members will also need to be present on the day sessions they coordinated during year two.

Participants must have a desire to develop and utilize leadership skills, expand their personal and professional network and become further involved in their community/area.

This is a TWO YEAR commitment.  During the first year, participants will attend the day sessions and learn much throughout the entire year.  The second year, participants will be tasked with serving on 2-3 committees (chairing one and as a member of one or two others) that will plan and attend all aspects of a day session Class 19. This includes coordinating speakers and tours, soliciting sponsors for breakfast and lunch and serving as mentors to class 19. This will allow them to implement some of their newfound leadership skills and their expanded network across the area.

Participants are also required to identify, plan and complete a class project of their collective choosing prior to the end of year one. Time spent on the class project or year two planning MAY OCCUR OUTSIDE OF BUSINESS HOURS/DAY SESSIONS.

Attendance is required at ALL sessions and the welcome picnic. Most adult sessions will be held the second Wednesday of each month, September – June, during the day until approximately 5:00 p.m., with the exception of the State Government Day, water tour and any day session falling on a holiday. To graduate from the Dawson Area Leadership program participants must attend ALL sessions, participate in the completion of the class project and be actively involved in year two committees. If a year one day session is missed or a participant is not actively engaged in the class project or day session planning during year two committees, it will be at the Dawson Area Leadership board’s discretion if a participant graduates the program and is honored as an alumni. Participation is a privilege, so attendance is your responsibility.

Dawson Area Leadership is a TWO YEAR program. Year one the applicant will participate in the various day sessions. Year two they will serve on committees planning and hosting the day sessions for class #19. Most day sessions will be held the second Wednesday of the month. Expect day sessions to run from 8:00am-5:00pm except for State Government Day in Lincoln and the water tour being longer due to the travel.


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DEADLINE - MAY 28, 2021 5PM

2021-2022 Application online application
Applicant/Employer Commitment Form - must be signed and emailed

Both the online application and applicant/employer commitment must be submitted to consider your application complete. For questions please contact Andrea McClintic,

Members of the Dawson Area Leadership Advisory Board and alumni will review applications in confidence. Applicants being considered for the program will be asked to participate in a 20-minute interview with the selection committee. Each program year, up to 12 individuals will be selected to participate in this leadership program. This is a competitive application process and not all applicants may be selected to participate this program year. We would encourage those not selected to apply for future years.

Applying to Dawson Area Leadership program is a competitive application process that includes this online application form and an in person or virtual interview with the selection committee. If selected for the program tuition will be due prior to the first day session. Tuition and fees for the program are $300. If tuition assistance is needed please contact Andrea McClintic at (Tuition is non-refundable).

Nominate an individual for the 2021-2022 adult Dawson Area Leadership class

Please note that individuals do not need to be nominated to apply, however, all nominees will receive written notice of their nominations in efforts to encourage them to apply. Individuals must live or work in the Dawson area (e.g. Dawson County, Elwood or Eustis).

Leadership Nomination

"The Dawson Area Leadership program was a great way to develop relationships with like-minded people in the Dawson area. I learned so much about what our area has to offer, not just to those of us who live here, but to others outside of our area as well."

Elissa Martin, (Mary Kay) Dawson Area Leadership class #16