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1501 Plum Creek Parkway, Suite 5
Lexington, NE 68850
(308) 217-0004

The Focus of Dawson Area Development is to retain and train the existing workforce while also recruiting new residents to the Dawson County area.

Vision: Dynamic Communities

Mission Statement: To support our partner communities' growth and prosperity.


Support economic and community improvement in our member communities

  • Prepare certified ED community updates
  • Maintain relationship with DED Provide assistance as requested
  • Obtain and update industrial site data on the website
  • BRE scheduling and data collection

Foster inter-governmental/business cooperation

  • Sponsor annual intergovernmental meeting
  • Conduct annual golf gathering
  • Sponsor an inter-governmental/business information event

Enhance workforce development

  • Seek and administer workforce training grants
  • Provide school to work programs for all communities
  • Develop a “Return to Dawson County” program

Provide leadership training
Grant writing and administration
Assist in creating housing opportunities

  • Complete housing study update
  • Develop a contractor’s list